Revised publication dates for An Island of Secrets

I'm delighted to tell you the publication dates for both the ebook and paperback of An Island of Secrets have been brought forwards: the ebook is out on 20th April and the paperback on 26th May, so hopefully in time to find its way onto the summer read tables of your local bookshop.

Arriving in Yugoslavia in 1944, SOE's Guy Barclay's mission seem simple, but then he witnesses a brutal execution on a remote hillside and everything changes. Seventy years later and close to death, Guy sends his granddaughter Leo to Croatia to find out what happened to the woman he loved and had to leave behind.

About me...

Over the last couple of years I have become adept at writing with two hats on; under my own name Jane Cable it’s romance with a twist, and as Eva Glyn I create escapist relationship-driven fiction. My inspiration comes from the nuggets of history I discover both at home and abroad, and the beautiful places I find them.

Eva Glyn’s books are set in Croatia, a country I fell in love with in 2019. My friendship with tour guide Darko Barisic has proved invaluable to gain an insight into Croatian daily life that few foreign authors can dream of. My first book set in the country, The Olive Grove, was inspired by Darko’s experiences of the war in the 1990s and the second, An Island of Secrets is a dual timeline looking back to a little known period of British World War 2 history. Eva is published by One More Chapter, a division of Harper Collins.

My Jane Cable novels are published by Sapere Books. The first two were haunting contemporary romances looking back to World War 2; Another You inspired by a tragic D-Day exercise at Studland Bay in Dorset, and Endless Skies by the brave Polish bomber crews who flew from a Lincolnshire airbase.

Although I am Welsh I live in Cornwall and my current Sapere Books series, Cornish Echoes, are dual timeline adventure romances set in the great houses of the Poldark era and today. I love visiting the county’s historical sites and rugged coastlines as well as travelling further afield.