Zooming around during lockdown

I’m definitely a glass half full kind of person so even during this awful time I am able to see the positives and I consider myself really lucky I can do so.

If it hadn’t been for lockdown I doubt I would have ever attempted to create my own website, but as my hosting costs rocketed the additional time spent indoors made giving it a go an option. And it worked. It wasn’t even too difficult. Yes, it isn’t an all singing all dancing professional site, but it serves its purpose and I was delighted to find I could add this blog.

Another big benefit has been video chats and meetings with other writers using Zoom. When we were all running around living our normal hectic lives it would have been far more difficult to organise a time, but with everyone at home it becomes simple. It also overcomes geographical distance. Even though I live in Cornwall I belong to the South Wales chapter of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, because I am from Cardiff and have made writer friends there. Despite a few teething troubles we had an excellent online meeting last week and hope to meet fortnightly during lockdown.

I have also been able to get to know my fellow Apricot Plotters better. I was invited to join this group of romantic fiction writers by close writing buddy Carol Thomas, but apart from meeting Morton Gray and Vicki Beeby briefly at conferences I didn’t know any of the others. But now we chat every Friday afternoon so I have ‘met’ Angela Barton and got to know everyone so much better. Most recently we celebrated Vicki being signed by Canelo for a series of World War Two novels.

The writers I do normally meet are my local Cornish friends and we generally get together monthly for a catch up over a slice of cake. We’re going to try doing this virtually and it means writers who have moved away from the county, such as Kitty Wilson and Angela Britnell, can join us too.

So does this mean once lockdown is lifted we will carry on meeting virtually in the same way? Some things are bound to be changed by this shared experience and I hope keeping in touch with writer friends living in other parts of the country will be one of them. But I also can’t wait to be chinking tea cups with those who live closer to home as well.